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Indusctrial Consumables

Industrial Consumable Products

Industrial Consumables

Bells Bearings And Hydraulics stock all of your consumable needs! We have a large range on mig tips, nozzles and diffusers, welding rods and spool wire. We stock boxes and single unit depressed grinding discs, steel cutting discs, Stainless INOX cutting discs, masonry cutting and grinding discs, wire and cup brushes, gloves, ear plugs and dusts masks all at the best prices available. We can supply you with one off items and a pallet load of rods or wire, anything to suit your consumable requierments. Call Us today for the best quote around and get your goods fast!

Stocked Industrial Consumables

  • Welding Hand Pieces
  • MIG Tips
  • MIG Nozzles
  • MIG Diffusers & Rollers
  • Various MIG Wire
  • Welding Electrodes
  • Brazing & TIG Rods
  • Flux & Solder
  • OXY & LPG Tips
  • OXY & LPG Hose & Torches
  • Flap & Fan Discs
  • Steel Grinding Discs
  • Steel Cutting Discs
  • Stainless Cutting Discs
  • Stone Grinding Discs
  • Stone Grinding Discs
  • Grinder tools
  • Grinder & Drill Brushes
  • Pedestal Grinders
  • Multitool Belt Grinders
  • Rigging & Welding Gloves
  • Air Liquide Gas
  • Dusts Masks
  • Ear Plugs & Eyewear
  • Flints & Lighters
  • Oxy, Acet & LPG Accessories
  • And Much More!