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Pulleys And Belts

Pulley & Belt Products

Pulley And Belt Products

Bells Bearings And Hydraulics of Leeton NSW supply and distribute die cast alloy pulleys, cogged and Vee Belts, Serpentine belts and idlers. Wheather your fixing your airconditioner or replacing your combine belts and pulleys, we have what you need to get going. Our experienced machinists can bore, key and tap your sprockets and pulleys quickly for a fraction of the normal price, as well as repair, rebuild or manufacture new and special shafts to suit your application. Visit Bells Bearings & Hydraulics today for all your belt and pulley needs.

Stocked Pulleys & Belt Products

  • Single Row Pulleys
  • Double Row Pulleys
  • Triple Row Pulleys
  • Taperlock Pulleys
  • Taperlocks & Shaft Adapters
  • Stepped Pulleys
  • Pressed Metal Idlers
  • Agricultural Belts
  • Automotive Belts
  • SPA Section Belts
  • SPB Section Belts
  • SPX Sectoin Belts
  • M Series Belts
  • Ribbed & Serpentine Belts
  • Kevlar Banded Belts
  • Wedged Belts
  • Timing Belts
  • Variable Speed Belts
  • Double Angle Belts
  • Custom Conveyor Belting
  • And Much More!